Makeover Consulting and Inspections is Expanding to a location near you!


You heard it! Your favorite 203k HUD Consulting company is in expansion mode. It took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, to get to this point but here we are. No longer are we located in Indiana alone...

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Creation of the proprietary Makeover App
Makeover has created an all-in-one system that allows the 203k HUD Consultant, Contractor, and coming soon, the Borrower to follow the project from start to finish. The Makeover App allows the 203k HUD Consultant to easily generate Work-Write ups for the borrower and contractor to use as their guide to building out their bid. The contractor can then use the app to create his/her bid/estimate directly in the app. This makes it fast and easy for us at Makeover to quickly produce the SOR (specification of repairs) and get it shipped out for signatures and off to the lenders. The app is then used during the project to track totals, draws, and change orders to make it easy for everyone to know where the project stands.

Creation of all systems, processes, and automation
Makeover Homes has created a plethora of systems and processes that are used to keep communication lines open between all parties. Stop worrying about what is going on or wondering what happens next...Makeover automated reminders and checkpoints systematically bark out orders and keep everyone on the same page. This helps to cut down on confusion and keeps the projects moving in a timely manner.

Creation of Makeover University training course(s)
Makeover University has played a huge role in helping Makeover reach out and train Home Inspectors in the art of HUD Consulting. This online course is specifically designed to teach the Makeover Mortgage Process that is helping borrowers through the renovation loan process each and every day all over America. Makeover has also created courses to help teach borrowers, realtors, and contractors about their roles and how to be all they can be.

Perhaps the most exciting part...Makeover Consultants are being recruited all over the nation so that we can handle coverage for you the lender and you the borrower, wherever you are located. It's not fair that only Indiana has access to the top 203k HUD Consultants in the land, we are bringing that to everyone.

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To learn more about what Makeover Consulting and Inspections has to offer you can visit our website at

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