Renovation Loan Contractors - How are Contractors Paid? - FHA 203k, Homestyle Conventional, VA Reno


Get a Qualified and Experienced 203k Contractor! Obviously, you can do WHATEVER you want, it's your house and your project. But, working with a 203k Experienced Contractor, which we have here at Makeover Renovations, will make your life MUCH EASIER.

For starters, they know that the payment structure is different and are prepared for it! They know they will not be given a large chunk of change to get the project started and will instead have to earn their payments by completing work first. MOST contractors can not swing this type of payment structure because they don't have the funds saved up.

Please, Please, Please - work with a contractor who understands this rule and the many other FHA 203k rules that are in place.

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