The Family Farm got a Facelift! - FHA 203k Project


This family farm home in little ole Mooresville, IN got a Facelift and boy did it. The home looks unrecognizable now that it's gotten an expansion and complete renovation WITH the addition of a Pole Barn in the back. If you are shopping for a new home or want to update your current home using a renovation loan, we can walk you through the process step by step! 

Total Reno Cost - $262,780
Masonry - $18,382
Siding - $570
Grading and Landscaping - $2,100
Windows - $11,582
Ext Doors - $1,000
Framing - $41,056
Drywall - $8,204
Painting - $10,950
Wood Trim - $8,675
Finished Floors - $34,966
Accessories - $990
Plumbing - $8,500
Electrical - $14,6000
Heating - $3,000
Insulation - $3,201
Cabinetry/Countertops - $14,895
Demo and Clean Up - $9,600
Management, OH&P, Sales Tax - $70,513

Makeover wants to make it as easy as possible for everyone to find the home they want and make any and all additions and renovations that their hearts desire. Makeover Homes is home of the Makeover Mortgage Process. We help you roll your renovation costs right into your new mortgage. This means you get the house you want and get to keep more money in your pocket.

Give us a call at 463.252.0028 to learn how!

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