Makeover HUD Consulting - Jerry Adamson - Update Everything and Open the Kitchen - Lafayette, IN - FHA 203k


Consultant - Jerry Adamson #A1162 - Makeover Consulting and Inspections

Contractor - Shawn Thayer - Karma Industries, Inc

Lender - Don Frazier - Ruoff Mortgage

Realtor - Kendrick Navarre - Silver Lining Real Estate Group

   These borrowers bought a single-use home and gave it a FULL MAKEOVER!  The bones were good and most of the utilities were good, it was just a little outdated.  In the 1970’s they liked wallpaper, pastel colors, ropey light fixtures, and NO can lights.  In today’s world, we like BRIGHT, WHITE, and OPEN!

   If you find a house that is located WHERE you want it but just doesn't have the right look and feel, use the Makeover Mortgage Process to buy the house and roll your renovation costs into the mortgage. Call Makeover Homes and learn how!


Reno Cost $112,000

Interior Doors - $350

Drywall - $2,200

Interior Paint - $12,700

Wood Trim - $3,000

Finished Flooring - $19,000

Bathroom Accessories - $9,000

Plumbing - $4,600

Electrical - $5,800

Cabinetry and Countertops - $17,000

Demo and Cleanup - $5,800

Framing and Labor - $20,200

Other - $9,900

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