Consultant - Troy Knorr #A1179 - Makeover Consulting and Inspections

Contractor - Mark Ritz - Mark Ritz Construction

Lender - Sally Smith, Brandy Burkhart, Becky Barnett - Ruoff Mortgage

This borrower knew what he wanted and went out and got it! This old broken-down Victorian home had been sitting alone for far too long and needed a facelift. This reno included new interior work and exterior work! The hardwood flooring needed EXTENSIVE repairs and now looks amazing! You can do this too! Find an old house that needs some love and get it done yourself using the Makeover Mortgage Process. We have consultants and contractors all over the US who are excited to help!

Total Reno Cost $237,500

Masonry - $3,000

Gutters and Exterior Trim and Soffits - $16,200

Roof Repairs - $3,000

Exterior siding, Stairs, and Paint - $10,325

Windows - $11,725

Interior Doors - $4,200

Framing - $3,250

Drywall - $12,000

Decorating - $14,900

Wood Trim - $8,950

Stairs - $1,800

Finished Floors - $41,075

Ceramic Tile - $22,581

Bath Accessories - $13,837

Electrical - 14,200

Heating Repair - $500

Cabinetry and Countertops - $23,000

Appliances - $7,800

Cleanup - $250

Miscellaneous - $250

Makeover Homes wants to make it as easy as possible for everyone to find the home they want and make any and all additions and renovations that their hearts desire. Makeover Homes is home of the Makeover Mortgage Process. We help you roll your renovation costs right into your new mortgage. This means you get the house you want and get to keep more money in your pocket.

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