FHA 203k - Makeover Homes - Roll a New Kitchen Into Your New Mortgage!


This is a pretty dramatic change! Talk about an Open Concept! This project turned this old outdated home into a super modern and up-to-date, easy-to-access, living space. A few walls can really make a difference. This project cost around $70,000 to pull off. What you can’t see is some new siding on the exterior of the home as well! If you want to do something like this, call Makeover and we will help you out. Roll your renovation costs right into your mortgage with the Makeover Mortgage Process.


Total Cost - $70,000

Siding/Gutters - $15,000

Demo/Framing - $6,000

Drywall - $2,000

Floors - $15,000

New Shower - $3,000

Electrical - $4,000

Fireplace - $5,000

Cabinets and Countertops - $20,000 

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