Makeover Consulting and Inspections - FHA 203k - Whole Home Fixer Upper in Indy


This house underwent an amazing transformation. Walking through it on day one was a little daunting but fortunately, this client had the ability to “SEE” the house that could be. This home received a whole facelift and new mechanicals! Take a look and see for yourself. If you’re interested in a project like this, give us a call at Makeover Homes.

Total Reno Cost = $78,000

Roof Repair - $500

Paint Garage - $2k

New Ext Door - $750

Framing - $3k

Drywall - $2k

New Flooring - $3k

Plumbing - $4k

Electrical - $4k

HVAC System - $16k

Insulation - $1k

Cabinets and Countertops - $10k

Appliances - $7k

Blinds - $2k

Bathroom - $9k

Paint - $10k

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